• When Things Look Like They're Falling Apart

    Spiritual Saturday: An inclusive Shabbat experience

    11 AM, Saturday, July 21, Unity in Lynnwood

    16727 Alderwood Mall Parkway
    The services live stream on Ted Falcon's Facebook page. With musicians Jenny and Jack Heutmaker. Future dates: August 18, (none in September), October 20, November 17, December 8.
  • Secrets of the Kabbalah:
    Spiritual Energies of the Sacred Hebrew Name of God

    10 AM - 1 PM, Saturday, August 11, Unity in Lynnwood

    16727 Alderwood Mall Parkway
    Each Hebrew letter describes a way Universal Energy manifests in the material world. In this workshop, Rabbi Ted will explore several powerful letters and celebrate how we embody their energies. Free will donation.
  • Time to save the dates for the High Holy Days!

    Meeting at Unity in Lynnwood

    16727 Alderwood Mall Parkway
    • Rosh Hashanah Eve: Sunday, September 9
    • Rosh Hashanah Day: Monday, September 10
    • Yom Kippur Eve/Kol Nidre: Tuesday, September 18
    • Yom Kippur Day: Wednesday, September 19

Our word carries the energy of creation

Our word is more than a marker of our integrity, our word carries the energy of Creation itself. We create worlds with our words, and need always to be careful about the words we speak — not only in the outer world, but in the inner world. Our self-talk helps define the nature of our experience, perpetuating our problems as well as supporting our evolution.

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Spiritual guide, author, teacher, therapist
Rabbi Ted Falcon, PhD, is a Reform Rabbi with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology who has pioneered the revival of authentic Jewish spiritual traditions. Rabbi Ted founded universally-focused synagogue communities in Los Angeles and in Seattle, and now presents and writes as the rabbi of the Interfaith Amigos. He is a spiritual therapist in private practice, and a popular speaker and teacher of a universal spirituality honoring the interconnectedness of all life.

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