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    This year, we are excited that Rabbi Ted’s original music director Stephen Merritt is joined by two soul-stirring singers with whom Rabbi Ted worked both in Los Angeles and Seattle, Marcie Howard (visiting from California) and Shari Rosner, as well as Steve Mason, whose open-hearted musical presence makes him a welcome new part of our intentional spiritual community.
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  • Problems & Promises of Incarnation

    Spiritual Saturday: 11 AM, September 14, Unity in Lynnwood
    16727 Alderwood Mall Parkway

    We often forget that the very reality of our incarnation in human form dictates both amazing opportunities for joyful connection as well as intensely painful times of separation and loss. This Spiritual Saturday begins a deeper consideration of the problems and the promises of our current incarnation in order to remember the far more profound opportunity of this evolutionary process.

    This is also a great introduction to the energies that will be shared during the High Holy Day experiences beginning later this month.

    Spiritual Saturdays live stream on Ted Falcon's Facebook page and on YouTube. Meeting again on Oct. 19, Nov. 9, and Dec. 14.

  • How High are the Jewish High Holy Days?

    Sunday, September 22, 9 & 11 AM, Center for Spiritual Living
    6318 Linden Ave N, Seattle
    How the process of incarnation requires this annual exploration of spiritual necessity.

The most potent creative force we possess

We are called this week to once again take ownership of our own creative energies. We are called to open to fuller possibilities reaching out to meet us in this moment. We are called to meet and to share our truths. Life is always calling to us, urging us to awaken from our sleep. The Universe yearns to be celebrated in and through us all.

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Spiritual guide, author, teacher, therapist
Rabbi Ted Falcon, PhD, is a Reform Rabbi with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology who has pioneered the revival of authentic Jewish spiritual traditions. Rabbi Ted founded universally-focused synagogue communities in Los Angeles and in Seattle, and now presents and writes as the rabbi of the Interfaith Amigos. He is a spiritual therapist in private practice, and a popular speaker and teacher of a universal spirituality honoring the interconnectedness of all life.

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