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  • Inviting the Stranger

    Saturday, June 3, 1 - 5 PM, Seattle First Baptist Church,
    1111 Harvard Ave
    RSVP to by Thursday, June 1, for this free event.
    Many of us feel besieged these days, and can fall back on the instinct to build barriers instead of bridges to community and understanding. How might we respond differently?
    Join participants from a wide variety of spiritual traditions for an afternoon of learning from presenters Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian, Miriam Frey, Genjo Marinello Osho, The Rev. Maria R. Barrera, Anil Singh Molares, MTS, Imam Jamal Rahman and Rabbi Ted Falcon and engaging in small group discussions. Through peaceful dialogue and contemplative listening, we can look beyond our fears and differences to encourage our similarities and cultivate positive change in our communities.
    Learn more at the Spiritual Directors International website.
  • On the Way to Our Promised Land

    Sunday, June 11, 9 & 11 AM, Center for Spiritual Living,
    5801 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle In an ancient wilderness, the Children of Israel had to wander for 40 years before finally entering their Promised Land. Why, exactly, does that journey take so long? In other words, “How come we’re not there yet?!”
  • You can still watch Rabbi Ted's talks as part of the series, Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up, on the Unity in Lynnwood UStream channel. Skip to Rabbi Ted's talks or take the opportunity to experience the spirit and music of this wonderful community. (Don't be surprised by the occasional, and arbitrarily placed, commercial interruptions.)
    March 12: Jesus the Jew — Dr. Richard Loren Held introduces the series at 28:10; Rabbi Ted's talk starts at 30:20
    March 26: The Parables of Jesus — Rabbi Ted's talk starts at 24:53

Of Rewards and Punishments

Rewards and punishments live in the land of ego, of our separate identities, always striving for a completeness that is beyond them. The prophetic expresses an inclusive wisdom, a more universal guidance of our Greater Self awakening to more universal truths.

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The Weekly Focus concludes with a meditation supporting the essence of the teaching.

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Spiritual guide, author, teacher and therapist
Rabbi Ted Falcon, PhD, has been a student and teacher of Jewish meditation and Kabbalah for over forty years. With gentleness and humor, he offers unique insight into spirituality while deeply affirming the integrity of each individual being.
As part of the Interfaith Amigos, Rabbi Ted explores the frontiers of interfaith spirituality. Karen Armstrong calls their "exuberant and courageous" book, Religion Gone Astray: What We Found at the Heart of Interfaith, "an inspiration and example for all of us in these sadly polarized times."

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