Rabbi Ted at Unity in Lynnwood

16727 Alderwood Mall Parkway
  • "Why I Want to be a Christian Pastor"

    9 & 11 AM, Sunday, May 19

    Well, that's different.
  • "Creating a Spiritual Journal"

    1 - 4 PM, Saturday, June 1

    Revisiting the journal process as a tool for spiritual wakefulness and spiritual remembering. Monthly, weekly, and daily practices to better celebrate our journey. Free will offering.
  • Spiritual Saturday

    11 AM, June 8

    with musicians Stephen Merritt and Tae Phoenix.

Spiritual Saturdays live stream on Ted Falcon's Facebook page and on YouTube. For the rest of 2019, our intentional spiritual community will gather for Spiritual Saturday on: July 13, August 10, Sept. 14, Oct. 19, Nov. 9, Dec. 14.

The doorway to holiness

The expectations we place on others and ourselves can be incredibly unrealistic. The consequence of such expectations is the disillusionment we feel when we discover the flaws in others, and self-condemnation when we focus on those within ourselves. The challenge is not to be perfect in body and flawless in our ego-self, but, rather, to grow in awareness of the fuller nature of our being.

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Spiritual guide, author, teacher, therapist
Rabbi Ted Falcon, PhD, is a Reform Rabbi with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology who has pioneered the revival of authentic Jewish spiritual traditions. Rabbi Ted founded universally-focused synagogue communities in Los Angeles and in Seattle, and now presents and writes as the rabbi of the Interfaith Amigos. He is a spiritual therapist in private practice, and a popular speaker and teacher of a universal spirituality honoring the interconnectedness of all life.

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Photos: Andrew Goodman