Celebrate the energies of the Holy Days with Rabbi Ted

Whatever your faith or non-faith background, you are welcome to become part of an intentional spiritual community and meet the remarkable energies of these Days of Awe.

Upcoming appearances

  • Finding Peace at Challenging Times
    Friday, September 9, 7 PM, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Whidbey Island

    20103 State Route 525, Freeland, WA
    How do we find a kind of peace within ourselves that can extend beyond moments of quiet contemplation or meditation? How can we form an intentional peace community right here and right now? And what is peace anyway? How would we know if we saw it? How would we embrace it within ourselves and others?
  • On Faith and Future – An Interfaith Event
    Sunday, September 11, 2 PM, Unity in Lynnwood

    16727 Alderwood Mall Parkway, Lynnwood, WA 98037
    Join Rev. Cathy Chalmers, Rabbi Ted Falcon, Dr. Richard Loren Held, Abbot Genjo Marinello and Imam Jamal Rahman — supported by Music Director Matthew Wilson — in a conversation about human religious systems and their roles in our evolving world.

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Spiritual guide, author, teacher and therapist

Rabbi Ted Falcon, PhD, chosen as one of the Jewish Daily Forward's Most Inspiring Rabbis of 2014, has been a student and teacher of Jewish meditation and Kabbalah for over forty years. With gentleness and humor, he offers unique insight into spirituality while deeply affirming the integrity of each individual being.
As part of the Interfaith Amigos, Rabbi Ted explores the frontiers of interfaith spirituality. Karen Armstrong calls their "exuberant and courageous" second book, Religion Gone Astray: What We Found at the Heart of Interfaith, "an inspiration and example for all of us in these sadly polarized times."

The real challenge is to see interconnectedness even in the midst of apparent discord, to hear harmony even in the midst of cacophony. We will always meet blessings and curses in our experience of reality. What takes root will be the realities that are watered by the consciousness we practice, by the realities we pursue, and by the beliefs we cherish.

from Weekly Torah Focus

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