49 Days of Intentions: A Healing Journey

Join me on a seven-week healing journey, known as the Counting of the Omer.

Traditionally, Counting the Omer (Sefirat HaOmer) begins on the second night of Passover, a holiday which invites us to release ourselves from the enslavements of the moment. In the biblical paradigm, we journeyed for seven weeks to reach the place of revelation at Mount Sinai. In our meditative practice, the 49 days allow us to confirm our release of old limiting beliefs, and open our minds and hearts to the awakening of our own Sinai moments.

In ancient times, the Torah relates how each day we waved barley (called the omer) from the early spring harvest, to encourage an abundant later harvest. The Jewish Wisdom tradition, fueled by the flowering of the Kabbalah in the 16th century, brought a spiritual focus to this period, relating each week to one of the lower seven levels on the Tree of Life.

The Tree provides a model for understanding the nature of all Being. It diagrams the stages through which Consciousness, or Energy, moves from Nothing to Everything and then to the separateness of the world we know. It is a map that helps us better identify the nature of our own consciousness.

The 50th day of this journey is the holiday of Shavuot ("weeks"), celebrating the moment when we received Torah at Mount Sinai. Our present observance supports our personal journey from limitation to possibility.

The Foundation for the First Week

Beginning the evening of Saturday, April 20, 2019

Chesed — The Flow of Lovingkindness

Chesed is the place where the energies of Lovingkindness flow without limit. This flow of Life-force will later manifest as both positive and negative feelings, but at this point the flow precedes any polarity.

This week, I discover the abundant outpouring of possibility.
  • Day 1 Focus

    Beginning the evening of Saturday, April 20
    I begin my journey toward greater purpose and meaning.
  • Day 2 Focus

    Beginning the evening of Sunday, April 21
    I know higher energies manifest through me in healing ways.
  • Day 3 Focus

    Beginning the evening of Monday, April 22
    I feel the light of Lovingkindness illuminate my entire being.
  • Day 4 Focus

    Beginning the evening of Tuesday, April 23
    I honor new possibilities.
  • Day 5 Focus

    Beginning the evening of Wednesday, April 24
    I appreciate the blessings of my physical sensations.
  • Day 6 Focus

    Beginning the evening of Thursday, April 25
    I am blessed by the Universal Energy of Lovingkindness.
  • Day 26 Focus

    Beginning the evening of Friday, April 26
    I am always one with the Universal Source of Life.