"This book is an invitation to deepen your awareness of the nature of your being. To experience these meditations with Rabbi Ted Falcon is to move through the 49 Gates of Understanding. With this sure guide, day by day you download more light into your being."
— Reb Zalman M. Schacter-Shalomi

The meditative stages in Rabbi Ted's book, originally written to support the Omer period but applicable at any time of the year, were designed to help us reawaken from the inside out. This is a text that satisfies the intellect while also providing meditative practices to help awaken our own Awareness.

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"Rabbi Ted Falcon's direct, straight-forward approach makes this marvelous practice accessible to people from all backgrounds. This is a great chance to experience kabbalistic wisdom teachings from a highly regarded master of meditation, and to transform oneself in the process."
— Rabbi David A. Cooper