Meditative Paths to Awakening: Three Classic Meditations

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"Rabbi Ted's meditation guidance CD takes me to that wonderful quiet place in my being. That place without stress or thought of guilt, but of courage and light. I am reminded of who I am, in truth, and am enabled to again move in the world with more clarity and lightness. Thank you for the time spent to make these available to us." — Pat E. Lemke, Bellevue, Washington

"To hear Rabbi Ted guiding me during meditation makes me feel as if I were still in Seattle. I sit in my living room with a candle lit on the coffee table, and all the lights out, letting go of all the things of the week, forgiving myself, and allowing my heart to heal." — Janina Marcenaro, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"Roger and I are just loving the meditation CD. We feel like you have come to visit and set us straight each morning, or at least told us to set ourselves straight. Goodbye Jon Kabat-Zinn, hello Rabbi Ted Falcon!" — Jan Eisenhardt, Seattle, Washington

  • The Inner Sanctuary: Preparing the Inner Spaces of our beings for healing and creativity. (18:24)
  • A Healing Meditation: Supporting the healing of body and of mind, moving toward the deeper healing of the soul. (21:25)
  • Rhythms of Creation: Creating the consciousness that helps us manifest our highest dreams. (17:26)