Introduction to the Ten Sefirot

A brief introduction to the specific energies and qualities of the ten sefirot, or levels, on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, representing how a Universal energy flows from the Universal to the particular, from Nothing to something.

To see the Tree in more detail, click here. A printable version of this list is here.
  • The First Sefirah: KETER (Crown) The Creative Impulse
    Quality of Mind: Will
    Related to the crown of the head
    Identity: The absolutely unlimited “I AM”
    Hebrew vowel sound: EEE (Chirik)
    Name of God: EHEYEH ASHER EHEYEH (I AM as I AM)
  • The Second Sefirah: CHOCHMAH (Wisdom) The Energy of Awareness
    Quality of Mind: Unformed Mental Energy, the Field of Intuition
    Related to the right hemisphere of the brain
    Hebrew vowel sound: AY (Tzere)
    Name of God: YAH (The Eternal)
  • The Third Sefirah: BINAH (Understanding) The Form of Awareness
    Quality of Mind: Ideal Pattern
    Related to the left hemisphere of the brain
    Hebrew vowel sound: EH (Segol)
    Name of God: ELOHIM (Spelled YHVH) (Eternal God)
  • The Fourth Sefirah: CHESED (Lovingkindness) Unformed Emotional Energy
    Quality: Ever-flowing Lovingkindness, Acceptance
    Related to the right shoulder
    Hebrew vowel sound: AH (Patach)
    Name of God: EL (pronounced AYL) (God)
  • The Fifth Sefirah: GEVURAH (Strength) Feelings (Forms of Emotion)
    Quality: Limitation
    Related to the left shoulder
    Hebrew vowel sound: Silent (Sheva)
    Name of God: ELOHIM (God)
  • The Sixth Sefirah: TIFERET (Beauty) Balance
    Quality: Compassion, Unconditional Acceptance, Love
    Related to the heart
    Identity: The Greater Self
    Hebrew vowel sound: AH (Kametz)
    Name of God: YHVH (Pronounced ADONAI) (Eternal Being)
  • The Seventh Sefirah: NETZACH (Victory) Energy of Sensory Vibration
    Quality: Persistence, Perseverance, Endurance
    Related to the right solar plexus
    Hebrew vowel sound: AW (Short Kametz)
    Name of God: ADONAI TZ’VA-OT (Eternal One of Hosts)
  • The Eighth Sefirah: HOD (Glory) Form of Sensation
    Quality: The beauty of form
    Related to the left solar plexus
    Hebrew vowel sound: OH (Cholem)
    Name of God: ELOHIM TZ’VA-OT (God of Hosts)
  • The Ninth Sefirah: YESOD (Foundation) Center of Generative Process
    Quality: Conscious choice
    Related to the genital area
    Identity: The Separate Ego Self
    Hebrew Vowel Sound: OO (Shuruk)
    Name of God: EL CHAI and SHADDAI (The Living God, The Almighty)
  • The Tenth Sefirah: MALCHUT (Kingdom) The Manifest Reality
    Quality: Actualization
    Related to the base of the spine or the feet
    Identity: Identification with conditions in the world
    No Hebrew vowel sound
    Name of God: ADONAI (Lord)

To enter more deeply into the experience of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, see Rabbi Ted's book, A Journey of Awakening: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tree of Life.