“The individual paths need to be honored as particular approaches to the Universal: Oneness transcends all paths.”

The Interfaith Amigos

Pastor Don Mackenzie, Rabbi Ted Falcon and Imam Jamal Rahman bring a message of deep hope and profound possibilities for healing both person and planet. Their work comprises a dialogue of the head, the heart, and the hands, encouraging greater understanding, compassion, and social action in the world.

Their second book, Religion Gone Astray: What We Found at the Heart of Interfaith, is the recipient of a Spirituality & Practice Book Award, designating it as one of the best spiritual books of 2011, an honor also received by their first book in 2009. Visit their Web site to learn more and keep up with their activities.

You can still watch or listen to the Interfaith Amigos' appearances on:

KING 5 TV's New Day Northwest with Margaret Larson, aired December 22, 2011 * Two appearances on Weekday with Steve Scher on KUOW-FM, aired Oct. 12 and Nov. 9, 2011 * Where We Live with John Dankosky on WNPR-FM CT Public Radio, aired Sept. 27, 2010 * Weekday with Steve Scher on KUOW-FM, aired Sept. 15, 2010 * New Day NW on KING 5-TV with Margaret Larson, aired Sept. 13, 2010 * Here on Earth with Jean Feraca from Wisconsin Public Radio, aired July 10, 2010 * Conversations KCTS-9 with Enrique Cerna, aired April 5, 2010 * Bob Salter, WFAN in New York, aired Feb. 28, 2010 * CBS Evening News: Achieving 'Peace on Earth,' aired Dec. 26, 2009 * Here and Now with Robin Young, aired Dec. 25, 2009 * KBTC's Northwest Now, aired Dec. 17, 2009 * On Point with Tom Ashbrook, aired Dec. 24, 2009

Photo: Mark Reden